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Technology Predictions for 2015 – ShelfLife Magazine

ShelfLife magazine recently ran a feature on Top technology predictions for 2015. They asked experts from the top retail and technology providers in the country to give them the low-down on what retailers need to know in order to stay abreast of ever changing technology and keep one step ahead of the consumer at all times.

The full article can be viewed online by clicking here or read below for CBE’s overview.

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CBE pioneers technology in the retail industry

CBE has a proven track record in developing solutions for retailers to handle the complexities of the supermarket, convenience, forecourt and hospitality sectors.  Seamus McHugh, International Sales and Marketing Manager of CBE talks about what technology trend will impact the retail industry most significantly in 2015 and why?

Managing queues and improving checkout speeds at peak periods is a major challenge for all retailers. Traditionally most stores would have increased the number of EPOS units to handle such spikes in trade but as retailers continue to reduce costs and maximise floor space with merchandised products this is no longer an option.

A unique solution to combat this dilemma is the introduction of the Mobile POS (MPOS). The Mobile POS can simply be rolled out as required and removed when the queues dissipate. The MPOS devices use the same software as the normal EPOS system and as such have access to the product file and promotions and all sales are synced to the reporting suite in the back office. MPOS units do not require checkouts and as such only cover a small area of the store and can be located at a convenient area within the shop.

CBE trialled Mobile POS in early 2014 and has since implemented the solution in a number of convenience stores in the UK. The system has been warmly welcomed by both the retailers and customers alike.

The Mobile POS can simply be rolled out as required and removed when the queues dissipate

Self-Checkout (SCO) can also be implemented to manage increased sales at peak periods. With one operator able to monitor up to four stations it is an invaluable way of opening new checkouts without the need to increase cashier costs. SCO can also be utilised during early morning or late evening shifts when the store normally operates on a skeleton staff. The self-checkout units can handle the customer’s transactions allowing staff to complete other tasks such as checking deliveries in the morning or doing the newspaper returns in the evening.

With self-checkout adoption rising in other countries, many retailers in the convenience sector are now looking at ways of adopting it in their stores. The main reasons for this are to cope with consumer demand, address queuing issues at peak periods and to offer an improved customer experience.

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