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Spar Hull University Assistant Manager describes CBE Self-Checkouts as “Exceptional.”

In a recent interview with the Convenience Store Magazine, Spar Hull University assistant retail manager Dave Hunt highlights the positive impact the CBE Self Checkouts have on the day to day running of his store.

“Another way the store keeps queues moving is through its self-service tills, which Dave says have been a great success since they were introduced in January 2017. “In term time, we’d often have a big queue around the store and the self-scan tills have meant we can really get the queuing time down.”

Dave describes the tills as “exceptional”. “We have four self-scan tills, but they take only debit and credit card payments and don’t accept any type of cash,” he explains.

“We have worked out that, at its maximum, it is around a couple of minutes’ queuing time at our busiest. I don’t know if it is because they don’t take cash and therefore it’s a simpler system, but these are really quick and responsive, easy to use and an easy layout.

“We haven’t had a single complaint about them, and having been in and worked in other stores, I know how rare that is.”

Read the full interview by clicking here: https://www.conveniencestore.co.uk/stores/student-special-spar-hull-university-yorkshire/596775.article


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