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Restaurant Magazine features CBE’s Kevin Greene

CBE’s International Product Manager Kevin Greene was featured in the May edition of the UK Restaurant Magazine. Offering Top Tips to restaurant operators, Kevin’s insightful piece can be read and viewed below.

TOP TIPS – Kevin Greene, International Product Manager, CBE
A new tech start-up hits the headlines almost every week, making keeping up a tricky business. Yet, how much of it is really new, and more importantly, how much of it is of use and how long will it last? Hospitality is catching up with other sectors when it comes to data, tech and systems, however, industries such as retail are still a few paces ahead. The key is investing wisely and making sure the tech you choose is built to last and evolve. Here are four top tips to beating the tech fads:

  1. Make sure your tech can integrate
    An EPoS system is not capable of being everything to everybody. However, when you consider that fact that a multi-site operator relies, on average, on seven to eight solutions for the smooth running of their restaurant, it’s essential that the EPoS system has the capacity to integrate.
  2. Always get total clarity about the ongoing support you’ll receive
    It’s all very well adopting the latest tech into your restaurant, but if you don’t have the in-house skills or external support in the event of something going wrong, then it becomes a drain on both time and money. Staff should be trained on all new systems and operators should choose a provider that offers ongoing support.
  1. Ensure the real-time customer data you obtain is insightful
    The optimum EPoS system will provide operators with total transparency into customer trends. For example, operators can easily identify which customers would like to be contacted via SMS or email, or what sort of promotional offers they are receptive to.
  1. Get the balance right between operational and staff data and trust
    A key benefit of modern cloud-based systems is that reports are available in real time, which significantly enhances the quality of operators’ decision-making and future planning in areas such as stock and inventory, staff management and margin control. However, it’s crucial that operators don’t abuse this power and lose trust among staff. Instead, utilise the data to establish which members of the front-of-house team are performing well.

CBE – Top Tips – Restaurant Magazine May 2017

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