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New ROM1 available through CBE WinWetstock module

All existing CBE customers using the CBE WinWetstock fuel application will receive an automated enhancement to their system before the end of January 2013 which will generate the ROM1 report as required by the Revenue.

What is the Monthly Return of Oil Movements (ROM1)?
The Finance Act 2012 provides for the replacement of the existing Mineral Oil Trader's Licence with a new Auto-Fuel Trader's Licence, for traders in petrol and auto diesel. The act also provides for the requirement of a new Monthly Return of Oil Movements (ROM1) which must be submitted through Revenue's On-line Service (ROS). The return will require mandatory e-filing by all authorised warehousekeepers, distributors and forecourt retailers in respect of each licence held, showing:

  • Opening Balance by product type
  • Closing Balance by product type
  • Each inward movement by product type, date, quantity, invoice, supplier (quoting licence ref / VAT number)
  • Each outward movement by product type, date, quantity, invoice, customer (quoting licence ref / VAT number); aggregate details for forecourt sales)

CBE’s automated solution
CBE have developed a software update to its existing WinWetstock module that will create the new monthly ROM1 file. When the WinWetstock upgrade has been completed, fuel retailers will be required to enter their Auto Fuel licence and Marked Fuel licence numbers into WinWetstock along with supplier details and their licence numbers. This information is required to generate the relevant file to be sent to the Revenue.

All customers have been notified of this new feature by post.  Instructions and a tutorial will be provided on how to upload this information to the ROS system.

Further information can be found on the Revenue website on any queries relating to ROS and ROM1: http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/excise/mineral-oil-traders/rom1.html

For queries relating to the ROM1 report from the CBE system, initially refer to the documentation and tutorial provided with the upgrade. Following this, contact CBE with any queries.

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