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NCS Blog features CBE’s Cashless SelfCheckout

Boasting the same approach as a conventional supermarket self-checkout system, but faster, the Cashless Self-Checkout (SCO) allows customers to scan and pay for their items using a credit/debit card or mobile wallet. This new solution reduces operating costs and eliminates pilferage for retailers as cash is now eliminated from the checkout process.

International Sales and Marketing Manager of CBE, Seamus McHugh spoke with the National Convenience Show (NCS) team about the benefits to the convenience sector. The Blog can be read below or by clicking here.

Cashless self-checkout in SPAR Hull University
Cashless self-checkout in SPAR Hull University

How does the Cashless Self-Checkout work? Can you give us a dummy’s guide? Is it the same as a supermarket self check-out?
Yes, CBE have partnered with NCR, the global leader in retail self-checkout. Their self-checkout solutions are used by all of the leading supermarket groups throughout the world. It allows users to scan their items and simply pay with their card or mobile wallet which dramatically reduces the transaction time compared to using a standard self-checkout.

Does it talk to you?
Yes, there is full audio guidance with the system so that it intuitively informs the customer of the possible next steps for them to complete the transaction.

You are up for a Great New Idea Award – can you tell us what makes your product a strong contender?
The CBE Cashless self-checkout solution provides a guaranteed ROI and now enables convenience retailers to provide the same payment options as the larger multiples. It also enables them to serve more customers at peak periods, reduce queues and reduce staff costs if so desired. With the elimination of cash from the self-checkouts the retailer no longer has to worry about balancing the tills each night or be concerned about staff pilferage.

How does this particular unit best benefit the convenience retailer?

  • Smaller footprint of the unit
  • Can be managed by an attendant already operating a regular till
  • Provides greater customer service and offers customers choice
  • Eliminates the need to balance the cash in the tills each night
  • Allows convenience retailers to compete with the multiples by offering similar payment options within their stores.

Do you provide installation?
Yes. CBE provide an initial consultation with the retailer to determine if they are a suitable fit for cashless self-checkout and if so, how many units they require. A detailed project plan is then put in place to ensure a smooth installation occurs whereby CBE install the cashless self-checkout units and also provide thorough training with the staff and management within the store.

How much space does it take up?
430mm wide. It can be positioned on a shelf, on the wall or on its own pedestal – whichever works best within the layout of the store.

What technical/after sales support is available to them?
CBE provide detailed training and support for the system to go-live. CBE also offer on-site support for the first week of the installation and provide 24/7/365 support thereafter.

How are shop customers attracted to using the system?
Signage is key to the success of the system so CBE provide detailed guidelines on the type of signage required and where best to position it. As part of the detailed training program provided by CBE, the staff in-store are briefed so that they can encourage customers to use the system and assist if required.

Check out the possibilities of a Cashless Self-Checkout system with CBE at Stand R100 at NCS from the 24th – 26th April.

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