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MPK Garages Riverside – Fuel on Self-Checkout

Despite being a regular feature in supermarkets, SCO’s are not too common in the forecourt sector, but the demand is on an upward trend with retailers now recognising the upgrades in technologies and by expecting more from their IT solutions.  CBE’s comprehensive Futatill forecourt solution is now offering retailers the ability to process fuel transactions using Self-checkout. 

CBE, a platinum partner of NCR, has installed SCO in multiple forecourts throughout the UK and Ireland, most recently at Top 50 Indie retailer MPK Garages Riverside store in Derbyshire. A proven and established solution, it allows customers to pay for their shop items and fuel in one transaction at the self-checkout whilst being monitored / assisted by an existing cashier.  This eliminates the need to have a dedicated staff member managing the SCO area, thus providing an additional service for customers, increased and faster transactional throughput and at no extra labour costs.

“We are only at the beginning of our self-checkout journey but have already experienced high volumes of customers moving across. The system opens several opportunities within our business and meets the customers’ expectations of change, whilst enhancing their experience and speeds up service for those who want to move quickly without delay. It also frees up our staff to focus on growing the performance of the business i.e. fresh food offering. With the RAP Station (SCO monitoring screen), it’s easy for staff to monitor and track behaviour on the self-checkouts. Feedback has been incredibly positive so far and is getting stronger by the day, with high volumes of consumer traffic and massive benefits on the horizon from less cash transactions, more cards including bunkering, and less till activity at the end of the day.” Wayne Harrand, Retail Director, MPK Garages.

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