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Laser Card Officially Ceases Operating

Laser Card Services Ltd. Announces Official Closure of Laser Card Operations

Laser Card
Important Reminder for Retailers

From Friday 28th February 2014, Laser cards will cease to operate. All Laser cards have now been replaced with Visa and MasterCard debit cards. The operation of Laser card transactions will cease at midnight on Friday 28th February 2014. After that time, retailers that attempt to present a charge to a Laser card will receive an error message only.

Retailers that currently accept Laser cards for subscriptions, ongoing payments for policies
or recurring transactions should make arrangements with their customers to obtain an alternative payment method.

Retail owners and managers will need to alert staff members that Laser cards cannot be accepted in stores or businesses as and from midnight on 28th February 2014. Laser cards are co-branded with Maestro. This function on the card will also cease to operate from the same date in February.

If you have any questions contact IPSO at info@ipso.ie or phone 01 663 6740.

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