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Four in Five Regularly Using Self-Checkout Systems

Research carried out by Empathy Research shows that 80% of consumers stated that they use the self-service checkouts in supermarkets.

Empathy-RetailIntelligencePublished in ‘Retail Intelligence’ 21st March 2012, the results show that Irish consumers are increasingly embracing ‘self-checkout’ systems, with the study indicating that four out of five consumers are actively using self-checkouts in supermarkets.

The survey of 1,003 individuals found that use of self-checkout was highest among 18-24 year olds, with 91% availing of the service, while 72% of over-45s chose to use them. Geographically, usage was highest in Dublin (84%) and Rest of Leinster (86%), with three in four (73%) said they used the systems in Connacht/Ulster.

When asked for the advantages of using self-checkout over traditional checkouts, half the respondents (50%) said they “found it more convenient,” while 46% felt it “speeds up my shopping experience.”

The findings of the study are in-line with research carried out by CBE on the usage of Self Checkouts in Irish supermarkets.

The findings show that more and more consumers prefer to use Self Checkout and customers are choosing to shop in stores that offer such a service.

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