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Easy Ingredient Management for an Allergen-Conscious World

The demands on retailers in terms of allergen labeling have grown rapidly in recent years, and the trend is now for even more onerous requirements down the line in a world where both consumers and legislators alike are more interested than ever in ensuring that ingredient management of foodstuffs are clearly, fully and transparently labeled.

Consumers are not only looking for potential allergens that affect them personally – but that could also have a negative effect on family, friends or house guests. And in a world where allergies seem to be rising by the day – for whatever reason – it seems that we will be hearing a lot more about the topic of allergens over the coming months and years.Ingredient Management - Food Allergy Safety

Equally, national and international food safety authorities are under increasing pressure to step up to the plate in terms of enforcing effective allergen labeling.

The consequences of mislabeling have never been more serious.

The consequences of insufficient or ineffective ingredient management labeling have never been more serious – and could even be fatal in certain circumstances if the retailer gets it wrong and the consumer unknowingly consumes a product to which he is seriously allergic.

As one of the leading innovators in retail technology in Europe, ingredient management labeling is an area of concern for the retailing community that we have aggressively addressed. We have developed a solution which not just meets the most stringent of current requirements, but also future-proofs the retailer against new demands coming down the pipeline from the E.U.Ingredient Management - Allergy InformationOur ‘Scale to Sale’ ingredient management solution offers a feature within the retail software package which allows retailers to deliver as much information as required at any given time. It integrates to POS system and electronic scales at deli counters, butchers, open markets etc., allowing them to apply the same high standards for freshly served foods as for their pre-packed cousins.

 Filling by filling display is now easily achievable.

Any software is dependent, to a certain degree, on human interaction and physical input, but our system makes ingredient management as easy as possible for retail staff by tailoring and theming products as they go along. In a deli environment, for example, the customer will not just receive a generic label such as ‘Roll + Fillings’, but a detailed list of each individual filling, along with any allergen red flags. Older POS systems made it almost impossible to do this, but a filling by filling display is now within reach of any relevant retailer.

We facilitate this level of display through use of a continuous roll that can deliver as long or as short a label as is required – with no label wastage involved for the retailer. The roll simply adjusts automatically to the amount of information required.Ingredient Management - GlutenIn terms of cost, upgrading to our ingredient management software is highly affordable and ‘washes its own face’ pretty quickly as it works out cheaper than a conventional labeling system. It’s also a more environmentally-friendly approach, as it involves minimal paper wastage.

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