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CBE’s Self Checkout features in Retail News

CBE’s new convertible express checkout was featured in the January/February publication of Retail News. Click here to view the article online

Express Self Checkout
We need to talk about Self-Checkout
Self-checkout is not a new innovation to retail, but as a major component of the new omni-channel experience, it is becoming a ‘must-have’ element for stores rather than an optional ‘add-on’ as was the case in the past.

Globally over the last few years the increase in self-service lane density and customer adoption has grown significantly. A number of UK and European retailers are moving to deployments of 70-85% of store lanes being self-checkout. This increase is being driven by the rapidly changing demands of convenience stores.

As with most technologies, a one-size-fits-all approach is not advised. Working in tandem with their self-checkout provider, retailers need to undertake a thorough analysis of their operations. The results of this discovery phase should outline how many lanes of self-checkout are required, the positioning of these units and importantly, the type of self-checkout to install.

There are a number of self-checkout solutions available including the new convertible express model. The express convertible unit is ideally suited to convenience stores as the unit can convert from an express checkout to a self-service terminal in seconds.

Although internationally some operators operate all their checkouts as self-service lanes, market research of the Irish retail landscape would suggest that stores integrate self-checkout technology along with manual checkouts in order to satisfy the needs of all prospective customers.

Whilst there is compelling business rationale for introducing self-checkout, it is the enhancements to the customer’s shopping experience that has been the biggest success to date of self-checkout installations. By giving customers a choice it has allowed retailers to build greater customer loyalty.

Convenience retailers in Ireland that adapt to market demands and install self-checkout will benefit from first mover advantage and create significant benefits for their business.

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