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CBE supporting “Go Atlantic Blue” this weekend

Famous buildings and landmarks across Ireland will ‘Go Atlantic Blue’ over the weekend 7-10 June to celebrate our connection to the Atlantic Ocean as part of World Oceans Day. The global day this Saturday 8 June connects people worldwide in celebrating the ocean, its importance in our lives and how each of us can protect it, no matter where we live.

In Ireland, more than 20 different landmarks are expected to participate in the day by lighting up their buildings. Businesses, shops, schools and homes across the country will also ‘Go Atlantic Blue’ on the day 

Everyone’s participation will highlight the strong connection that people in Ireland have with the Atlantic Ocean and the multiple ways that it affects and enriches our daily lives. This is the first year to ‘Go Atlantic Blue’ with the aim of raising awareness of the vital role that the Atlantic Ocean plays in the lives of Irish people, no matter how near or far they live from the Atlantic coastline.

‘Go Atlantic Blue’ is being spearheaded in Ireland by the Marine Institute-led AORA-CSA (Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Co-ordination & Support Action) against the backdrop of SeaFest 2019 and the Our Ocean Wealth Summit, both taking place in Cork in the coming days.

Dr Margaret Rae, director of AORA-CSA, said that the initiative gives people all around the country a chance to show their appreciation for the Atlantic Ocean. “In Ireland, the Atlantic Ocean means so much to us. It’s our largest natural resource and we draw so much from it — our livelihoods, food, bounty, beauty, imagination, inspiration, song, poetry, health and wellbeing and much more. “Going Atlantic Blue is a way to draw attention to how each and every one of us experiences the Atlantic, what we love about our ocean and how we can be that generation that makes a difference.”

Niall Dooney, Marketing Executive of CBE, explains “Although as a business we are not in direct contact with the Atlantic Ocean, we have many colleagues up and down the west coast of Ireland whose lives have been shaped by an upbringing beside the ocean. Each working day these colleagues make considerable journeys to and from their place of work to return to their coastal homes, from as far north as Killybegs in Donegal, south to Tramore in Waterford.

Here at CBE, we all play our part in being environmentally friendly, knowing the importance of reducing paper usage around the office and encouraging colleagues to “think before you print”, while also always making sure to safely recycle all packaging of deliveries. We would like to think that every little bit we do, is in some way helping to keep our oceans free of plastics and other materials.

This weekend we are proud to “Go Atlantic Blue” with many other Businesses, shops, schools and homes across the country. We will be changing all of our outside lights blue on the front of our Head Office building in Claremorris and we have every intention of taking part in years to come”.

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