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CBE partner with Central England Co-Operative in self-checkout trial

CBE is delighted to have recently partnered with Central England Co-Operative in the UK, installing two of our card-only self-checkout solutions at their Fradley Food Store in Staffordshire as part of an exciting new trial.

The new technology allows customers to quickly pay for items by card but still allows Members to swipe their Membership card and gain access to great rewards.

If successful, the technology could be rolled out at further stores across the entire country.

Mark Swaffar, IT Project Delivery Manager at Central England Co-operative, said: “We are delighted to be underway with our self-scan trial in Fradley with two units.”

“It is early days but we have had great feedback from customers and colleagues. The idea behind trialing technology like self-scan is that we want to meet the expectations of our customers and ensure they have the best shopping experience possible.”

“We are proud of how the trial is going so far, look forward to receiving more feedback and cannot wait to see what it means for the future shopping experience in more of our stores in the coming weeks, months and years.”

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