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CBE partner with NCR for Self-Checkout

Press Release June 2016

CBE and NCR Partnership Provides Self-Checkout Solution for Independent Retailers in the UK and Ireland

CBE, one of the leading suppliers of retail IT solutions in the UK and Ireland, has formed a strategic partnership with NCR, the global market leader in self-checkout. The duo will work in partnership to supply self-checkout solutions to the independent retail sector in the UK and Ireland. The first independent retail store to benefit from this new service is Smith’s SuperValu in Monksland, Athlone, Co Roscommon. In addition to this, CBE already has a host of orders in the pipeline for 2016.

CBE are an NCR Advanced Solution Provider
CBE are an NCR Advanced Solution Provider

NCR support more than 100,000 self-checkout terminals around the world, which combined, accounts for over 14 million transactions per day. To date, NCR’s operations have focused on working with major multiples, including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Dunnes Stores; all of which have rolled out NCR’s system across their estates. The partnership with CBE means, that for the first time, the independent retail sector can also avail of NCR’s systems and expertise.

“To date, NCR would only really have worked directly with the major multiples,” says Sean Kenna, CBE’s MD. “This partnership allows us to open up the NCR self-checkout portfolio to the independent sector in the UK and Ireland, through their existing relationship with CBE”.

“As the market leader, NCR has self-checkout down to an absolute tee; it is the most user-friendly self-checkout solution in the marketplace, and most consumers are already accustomed to it. Now, we can offer independent stores and convenience outlets the same user experience – for customers, the learning curve is zero, as everybody is already familiar with it.”

“When today’s consumers go into a retail store, they have no intention of standing in a queue, if there is the option of self-checkout,” says Adam Knapp, Retail Division, NCR Corporation.

“Their brain is just hardwired to it. Our research indicates that the independent retail sector in the UK and Ireland are now looking to embrace self-checkout in their stores. We appreciate that customer service is of paramount importance to independent retailers. For a lot of people, being able to go into a store, grab something, pay for it and leave, without having to stand in line is exactly the sort of customer service experience they are looking for.”

Knapp also commented on the partnership with CBE: “We understand self-checkout but we needed to partner with someone who has strong proficiency within the independent retail environment. We approached CBE as they are renowned as market leaders within the retail sector in the UK and Ireland. We have been very impressed with the level of expertise they have brought to the table.”

Michael Smith is the owner of the first store to benefit from this partnership: Smith’s SuperValu in Monksland, Athlone. He had been contemplating Self-Checkout for many years before deciding to implement it in his store: “Initially I was sceptical of the benefits of Self-Checkout but, having seen it grow in popularity in other supermarket environments, I was keen to explore my options. I’m always looking at ways to reduce queues within my store at peak periods. When I spoke to CBE they did a thorough analysis of the store to determine if I was suitable for self-checkout and subsequently advised on an implementation strategy that was specific to my store. It’s working brilliantly and the feedback from customers has been excellent”

The solution is fully scalable for any supermarket, convenience store or forecourt outlet. The ‘self-checkout revolution’ is here to stay, and today’s consumer expects to be able to avail of a myriad of self-checkout options when in-store, without having to queue.


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