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CBE launch innovative Cashless Self Checkout Solution

CBE have developed the next generation in EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) technology by launching the innovative Cashless Self Checkout Solution.

The Cashless Self Checkout solution enables shoppers to process their own transaction, in their own time and privacy, and pay for their goods with a Credit/Debit card.

The units are designed to function in fast-paced retail environments and have been developed in response to growing consumer demand for more efficient self service technologies.

The new system provides retailers with the opportunity to reduce costs and increase their profits. The solution offers the following business benefits:
– Optimised labour utilisation
– Eliminates cash handling at the point of sale
– Enhanced customer shopping experience
– Greater customer privacy
– Makes maximum use of limited retail floor space
– Provides a competitive advantage

Research has shown that Self Checkout can reduce customer queue times by as much as 40% and when given a choice, 85% of customers select Self Checkout terminals over conventional checkouts.

CBE foresee the new system being used in a variety of retail outlets such as convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and DIY stores. With the continued rollout of Contactless Payment technology throughout the UK, the demand for self checkout solutions will continue to grow among consumers.

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