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CBE install first Cashless Self-Checkout in SPAR UK

CBE have installed the first Cashless Self-Checkouts in an independent retail store in the UK and Ireland. James Hall & Co. Ltd. has partnered with CBE to install the NCR ‘Card Only’ self-checkouts in their independent SPAR store at Lancaster University.

Press Release June 2016

James Hall installs Cashless Self-Checkouts

James Hall & Co. Ltd. has partnered with CBE to install Cashless Self-Checkouts at one of its busy independent SPAR convenience stores. The store at Lancaster University becomes the first SPAR store in the UK and Ireland to install Cashless Self-Checkouts.

Card Only Self-Checkouts at SPAR Lancaster University
Card Only Self-Checkouts at SPAR Lancaster University

James Hall & Co. is a SPAR wholesaler and distributor serving over 580 stores in the North of England and was investigating ways to improve speed of service and reduce queues within their busy sites.

Initially James Hall & Co. updated their point-of-sale software to CBE’s FutaTill solution which brought many benefits to the store operations. However they still needed a solution to reduce the queues in the store and provide additional checkout options without increasing labour costs. CBE, who are an Advanced Solution Provider for NCR, carried out an in-depth site survey in order to identify the stores suitability for Self-Checkout.

Following the survey and a consultation phase with James Hall & Co. management and the store, it was agreed that they install the NCR Cashless Self-Checkout solution which seamlessly integrates to the CBE POS solution already in operation.

“We needed to radically rethink how we wanted the stores to operate”, commented Sheridan Hindle, IT Director at James Hall & Co. “Our customer requirements have changed as they are more technology savvy than ever before. Customers now welcome new innovations and people really dislike queuing. As such, the option of installing the NCR Cashless Self-Checkouts based on CBE’s research filled us with both excitement and apprehension!”

CBE are an NCR Advanced Solution Provider
CBE are an NCR Advanced Solution Provider

Dominic Feeney, CBE’s Systems Director, stated, “We recently partnered with NCR, the global leader in Retail Self-Checkout, to offer Self-Checkout to the independent retail sectors in the UK and Ireland. It was at this time that James Hall & Co. approached us about ways to reduce their queues and increase speed of service. Our research, both global and national pointed towards Cashless Self-Checkout as being an ideal solution.”

Sheridan Hindle continued, “The owners of SPAR Lancaster University were very enthusiastic about the project. Thankfully it’s been extremely successful with almost 30% of customers using it on a daily basis. It has also more than doubled the credit card usage to 38% of store purchases which we are delighted with. We certainly plan to install more Self-Checkouts in our stores in the coming months and it will undoubtedly become an integral part of our customer offering.”


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