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CBE included in IFCR Forecourt Services feature

Ireland’s Forecourt and Convenience Retailer magazine included editorial on the CBE solution as part of their Forecourt Services feature. The article appeared in the March / April issue and can be read in full below.

CBE Advert IFCR Magazine April-May 2018
Integrations are the key to success with the CBE Forecourt Solution

Forecourt stores are no longer just about pumping fuel – they now need to provide a full retail offering to their customers and offer an all-inclusive shopping experience.

In order to achieve this, retailers need an IT solution that can manage all of their operations from one central hub. The CBE EPoS solution now facilitates this requirement for forecourt retailers.

CBE have long been recognised as the leading EPoS supplier to the Irish forecourt sector and their system is now also firmly established as the most innovative solution adopted by forecourts in the UK.

This experience along with their reputation within the industry has enabled them to develop a solution that provides integrations to other market leading suppliers within the sector. A recent example of this was the collaboration with BP for their ‘BPMe’ app which allows customers to pay for their fuel directly from their mobile device.

CBE have also integrated with temperature control applications to provide retailers with information on temperature loss, vapour recovery and automated pump tests.

A further example of where forecourts now need to offer the same services as convenience stores is the adoption of self-checkout (SCO). CBE, an Elite Solution Provider of NCR, has installed self-checkout in a number of forecourts in the UK. Implemented using the ‘fractional model’ – the latest iteration of SCO for the c-store industry – it allows customers to pay for their items using the self-checkout whilst being monitored/assisted by an existing cashier. This eliminates the need to have a dedicated staff member managing the SCO area, therefore providing an additional service for customers, faster throughput of transactions and with no extra labour costs.

The ability to accept fuel cards has been standard within the sector for many years and, depending on the fuel supplier, can be done via bunkering, consignment etc. It is imperative however, that a retailers EPoS solution can control the VAT for the different methods. Over the past number of years a number of clients have switched to the CBE solution having overpaid their VAT bill as many EPoS solutions in the marketplace are not equipped to deal with the complexities of the fuel card setup and the correct calculation of VAT.

To speak with CBE on any of these topics or to understand more about their forecourt multi-site management solution email info@cbe.ie or call 1890 37300 (IRL) / 0800 7314591 (NI/UK).

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