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CBE features in ‘Ireland’s Forecourt & Convenience Retailer’ magazine

CBE featured in the latest publication of ‘Ireland’s Forecourt & Convenience Retailer’ magazine. Please see the full article below.

CBE’s Forecourt Solution

Forecourt stores are no longer just about pumping fuel – they now need to provide a full retail offering to their customers and offer an all-inclusive shopping experience. In order to achieve this, retailers need an IT solution that can manage all of their operations from one central hub. The CBE FutaTill solution now facilitates this requirement for forecourt retailers.

With nearly 40 years’ experience in the Retail industry, CBE has long been recognised as the leading EPoS supplier to the Irish forecourt sector, providing an EPoS system that is now firmly established as the most innovative solution adopted by forecourts in Ireland and in the UK.

For over 20 years CBE have been working with leading Irish and UK forecourt and convenience retailers to help them drive their business forward, having installations across all the leading symbol groups and major oil companies.

CBE, an Elite Solution Provider of NCR, has installed self-checkout (SCO) in a number of forecourts in Ireland and the UK. Later this year there are plans to launch fuel on self-checkout, implemented using the ‘fractional model’, it allows customers to pay for their shop items and fuel in the one transactionat the self-checkout whilst being monitored/assisted by an existing cashier. This eliminates the need to have a dedicated staff member managing the SCO area, therefore providing an additional service for customers, faster throughput of transactions and with no extra labour costs.

CBE can offer existing integrations to a multitude of external technologies such as mobile payment, loyalty, price pole, biometrics, self-checkout, age verification, electronic shelf labels and many more. The CBE solution is designed around enhancing the consumer experience by reducing transaction times, improving the speed of service and eliminating queues, ultimately leading to greater revenue for your business. CBE have what you need.

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