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CBE featured in UK Restaurant Magazine

CBE were featured in the May edition of the UK’s Restaurant magazine – the top trade publication within the industry. The piece can be read and viewed below.

Meet the supplier: CBE
CBE Software was founded in 1980 with the aim of driving pioneering software and hardware developments within the EPoS sector for hospitality and retail operators in Ireland. Today, CBE Software is a leading supplier of EPoS systems in Ireland and has launched in the UK, to ‘’take integration and service to a new level for multi-site operators’’. ‘’Our point of differentiation is our commitment to helping operators deliver on their integration needs. In fact, integration is our mantra,’’ says CBE International product manager Kevin Greene. ‘’We have dedicated research and development centre, staffed by expert engineers, whose sole ambition is to spearhead new innovations in technology.’’

CBE Software currently integrates with more than 200 partners and is focused on removing the barriers to expansion for operators, therefore eliminating one of their biggest headaches. The business takes a collaborative approach to EPoS, demonstrated through its many integrations that include payments, mobile ordering, loyalty, online ordering, kitchen automation and queue management. The business has an important partnership with PAR, a global leader in hardware, software and services for hospitality. ‘’PAR’s PixelPoint EPoS solution is so advanced, versatile and flexible, it can be configured to meet the requirements of any operator. Historically, operators would be forced to change their processes to fit the requirements of the EPoS system,’’ adds Greene.

CBE – Meet the Supplier May 2017

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