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CBE feature in ShelfLife technology article

As Ireland’s leading EPoS provider, CBE featured heavily in ShelfLife’s annual technology feature which ran in the October edition of their magazine:


CBE’s Back Office solution provides powerful reporting capabilities

Forward thinking retailers are continuing to invest in new technologies that deliver greater convenience for their customers as well as helping them capture greater business intelligence to bolster their profitability. Gillian Hamill reports

Cutting-edge solutions
Seamus McHugh, marketing manager, CBE, explains how the business is continuing to innovate and deliver new solutions that make retailers’ lives easier

Key developments during the last year
Continuous innovation is the mantra within CBE and our in-house software development team continues to lead the way in developing cutting-edge solutions to allow retailers improve their business and increase their profits.



CBE’s innovative Self Checkout Solution

CBE has doubled their installations of self-checkout in the past 18 months with a number of existing stores installing extra terminals to cope with the volume of customers using the system.

Up to now, a number of retailers decided against installing Self-Checkout as they felt that it went against the ‘customer-service’ ethos of their store. Recent research has debunked that theory as it has revealed that a third of customers actually prefer to use it and will choose a shop that has it over a store that doesn’t. Interestingly, the research also revealed that a certain amount of customers will not use self-checkout and that is why CBE would always advise retailers to offer both options to satisfy the needs of all customers.

In addition to conventional Self-Checkout, CBE have also launched the Cashless Self-Checkout solution which will allow stores to have a system in place that eliminates cash at the point of sale. This ensures that tills will always balance, less reconciliation at the end of the day and it also eradicates the possibility of pilferage at the till.

Contactless Payment Technology


Contactless Technology

Launched earlier this year, Contactless payment technology offers a quicker and more convenient method of paying for goods or services in fast moving retail outlets. Customers simply hold their card in front of the reader and the transaction is processed automatically, eliminating the need to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

CBE was the first EPoS company in Ireland to offer ‘contactless’ to its customers and have now installed the technology in all of the symbol groups in Ireland. Having launched the solution in July with BWG and Musgraves, CBE has now installed the system with Costcutter, Gala, Londis and a number of independent operators.

As the banks continue to update their customers to contactless enabled debit cards, the demand for this technology will only grow.

Innovative Software Module
CBE has launched an innovative add-on software module to its EPoS solution which will allow both landlords and tenants access to sales figures on turnover based rental agreements.

Sean Kenna, CBE’s Managing Director, feels that the new solution is a win-win for both tenants and retailers, stating, “our latest software development ensures fairness for both parties”.

As the nature of lease agreements has changed in recent years, many tenants now agree to pay landlords a specified percentage of their turnover as part of their rental agreement. For example, a guaranteed minimum rent with a percentage of turnover top-up. In this case both the landlord and tenant share the risk.  Unfortunately, in some cases the turnover figure used has caused consternation for either the tenant or landlord, so the CBE solution ensures transparency for both parties.

Having discussed this issue with a number of their clients (both tenants and landlords) CBE developed a software solution that will allow landlords access to turnover figures on leased properties – but only with the tenants consent.

With both parties agreeing to implement this new solution it will in future negate the possibility of rental disputes as both parties will have access to the figures if/when required.

No need to change entire solution
CBE’s strategy of always installing top-class hardware ensures that its retailers are now in a position where they are upgrading to their third or fourth generation EPoS solution, and as such can reuse certain elements of their existing system. This allows them to benefit from installing the latest generation software but without having to change their entire solution.

As CBE designs and develops its own software, the group is able to offer clients a solution that exactly matches their requirements, therefore eliminating the possibility of retailers purchasing off-the-shelf software packages that do not match their needs.

As part of the CBE offer, free software upgrades are automatically sent to all customers via a web based portal thus ensuring that a system bought today will continue to be updated with all of the enhancements being developed over the coming years. This unique feature extends the longevity of the software and ensures that the retailer will not have to update their EPoS solution as frequently as they did in the past.

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