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CBE are at the tip of POS innovation – Sunday Business Post

The Sunday Business Post published a feature on the recent Checkout ‘National Retail Supplier Awards’ and specifically focused on CBE’s major achievement at the event. The special report was published on 13/12/15 and can be read in full below.

Sunday Business Post 13-12-15_Editorial[1]

At the tip of Irish point-of-sale innovation

CBE won the award for Best POS Equipment Supplier at last week’s Checkout National  Retailer Supplier Awards.

“Winning this award was extremely important to us as it solidified our place as the number one innovator within our sector in Ireland,” said Seamus McHugh, CBE’s International Sales and Marketing Manager.

“We’ve put a massive amount of effort, money and resources into research and development every year. We spend over €1 million per annum on R&D so when we won this award, we felt our effort had been worthwhile as this award is voted for by the top
retailers in the country.

“We could see that they had analysed our performance against the competition and deemed us to be the best in the market at what we do.”

CBE undertakes continuous product innovation to meet the needs of both retailers and consumers and, according to McHugh, mobile payments and cashless self-checkout
are two major developments on the horizon.

“Mobile payments are going to be the next big thing in the retail market. We’ve already
developed the technology this year that consumers are going to be using next year,” he said.

“Our systems are now ready for Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other mobile payment systems. We’ve also developed Mobile POS which enables our retailers to roll out a mobile point of sale system at different times of the day during peak periods.

“They can align the system in their store towards points where customers are queuing to cope with peak demand.”

CBE’s recently launched FutaTill solution is at the forefront of a new direction for POS software in Ireland and Britain. “The system integrates all the previously separate elements of a retailer’s offering on one platform, speeding up service times and helping retailers move more customers through the till,” said McHugh.

“Rather than having separate terminals for phone topups and credit cards etc, retailers have all these services on one system so the third-party terminals can be dispensed with. We have seamlessly interfaced our system with all the other parties to place all services on the one solution,” he said.

“The judges were impressed by the launch of our FutaTill software solution as they could see the benefits of the system. The judges also remarked on CBE’s partnership with NCR, the global leader in retail self-checkout technology.” McHugh said NCR had identified convenience stores as the next frontier for self-checkout and had partnered with CBE in order to serve this market.

“In the next three to five years, we will see more and more self-checkout terminals in the busy urban convenience stores. As part of its offering, NCR has introduced a cashless self-checkout,” he said. “With the introduction of mobile payments and contactless payments, we are moving towards being a cashless society. Customers will be able to come into the store, scan two or three items, tap their phone on the cashless self-checkout terminal and go, so the whole transaction will take seconds rather than minutes.”

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